Safety Valve Maintenance

Stoneleigh Engineering Services Limited was originally formed in 1987 as a Valve Overhaul and General Engineering Company. We have a wealth of experience in overhauling and servicing every type of valve from most areas of Industrial, Petroleum and Marine installations. All Valves are stripped to component form, cleaned by suitable methods, then inspected to ensure they are within manufacturers tolerance prior to re-entering service.

We have cost effective solutions for:

  • if you have one valve or a hundred valves
  • if you require 'on-site' work or work carried out at our Charlton workshohps
  • if you require work performed during normal working hours or emergency - 24/7 basis
  • For all enquiries please contact our team on: +44 (0) 208 305 0792 or email:

    Safety Valves

    • Vacuum relief valves
    • Torsion bar safety valves
    • Spring loaded safety and relief valves
    • Supplementary loaded safety valves
    • Dead weight loaded safety valves
    • Pilot operated safety valves
    • Breather valves

    Please contact us with your requirements

    Typical Valve Maintenance Routinues


    Testing Steps
    Work carried out
    1. Pre-test the valve is mounted on a special test rig with it's performance recorded
    2. Dissemble the valve is stripped down to component form
    3. Inspection all components are inspected and their condition is recorded
    4. Overhaul cleaned to ensure free movement plus short/standard re-lap of seat and disk
    5. Reassemble the valve is reassembled and rebuilt
    6. Set and Test the valve is set to the appropriate test pressure based on the application and medium. Any applicable additional tests, i.e. Kellog bubble test and back pressure tests, are carried out
    7. Protection In readiness for shipping, all inlet/outlet ports are protected from ingress of unwanted matter
    8. Certification & Report a certified test certificate with findings report is furnished to the customer

    Non-repairable or unserviceable valves

    Up to 90% of all valves are salvageable and may be overhauled at considerable savings when compared to purchasing a new unit. We can arrange collection and delivery of valves.

    The customer will be advised if, in the opinion of our Senior Workshop Engineering Supervisor, the valve cannot be repaired or may not be economical to do so or is likely to be unreliable or may be prone to poor operation at a future date. Such advice will be supported with a report together with our recommendations on a suitable like-for-like replacement.

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