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We understand the international market environment. We have proven expertise and skills in this field build up over many years. We assist our clients in procurement, supply, shipping and payment procedures.

We have proven experience shipping to:

Stoneleigh Engineering Services manufacture, overhaul and supply a complete cross of commercial and industrial valves and actuators for the commercial, government, military and business sectors as required in the off shore operating arena.

Our customers include:

We have supplied numerous clients in the above sectors throughout the world. This includes but not limited to, varied range of Valves and Fittings and associated products. The most common Valves supplied are Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe and Check Valves.

A wide range of Flange, Trim and Body Materials are available dependent on the pressure and temperature operational conditions on site.

On many sites remote operation of these Valves from a central point can be achieved by using Valves which have been Actuated. A wide range of Electric and Pneumatic Actuators can also be supplied with any Valves or as stand-alone items.

Relief and Safety Valve, Parallel Slide Valves used in the Power Generation Industry and Control, Reducing and Isolating Valves used in all Industries.

We currently supply key engineering parts to military and commercial customers in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America.

Stoneleigh is UK government approved as a preferred supplier to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and affiliated government departments. We provide parts to merchant and Fleet Navy organisations across the globe.

Payment may be progressed using electronic money transfer between the supplier / purchaser banks or Documentary Letter of Credit. We will be happy to assist in this regard. See attached information on making payment via Documentary Letter of Credit.

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