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We are able to offer a comprehensive range of Packings and associated equipment to meet all application requirements

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Braided, Gland, Ribbon, Loose and Sleeve Packings plus more...

Our packings can be supplied for the entire Temperature and Pressure Range used in the general Industrial sector, Pulp and Paper Industry, Pretroleum, Marine environments in use today.

Applications include rotating pumps, rotary or reciprocating shafts, agitators, mixers, and bleach washers, reciprocating metering pumps, chemical injectors, valves and other equipment handling products which must not be contaminated.

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Braided packings

Aramid fibres

Aramid fibres have exceptional high thermal stability, ideal for high temperature sealing applications.

Para-aramid fibres are off-yellow, with high strength and rigidity, ideally suited for high pressure sealing applications. They have wide chemical compatibility and a pH range of 3 - 11.

Meta-aramid fibres are mostly white, with high chemical and hydrolytic resistance, plus a wide pH range of 1 - 13.

PTFE fibres

Polytetrafluoroethylene fibres process extremely high chemical resistance, with a pH range of 1 - 14, providing outstanding performance in highly corrosive environments. Additionally, PTFE fibres have exceptionally low levels of friction and adhesion, so providing self-lubrication.

Other polymeric fibres

A wide selection of polymeric fibres may be used in compression packings, offering a range of properties and performance envelopes to suit numerous applications.

Carbon fibres

Amorphous carbon fibres have a nominal carbon content ranging up to ninety eight per cent. The fibres are non-abrasive, self-lubricating and have a low modulus of elasticity. Carbon fibres have high thermal and electrical conductivity with good chemical resistance to all but oxidising media.

Flexible graphite ribbon

Flexible graphite ribbon (tape) has a nominal carbon content of at least ninety nine per cent., plus a low coefficient of friction. It is chemically inert to all but oxidising media, with a wide pH range of 0 - 14.

Glass fibres

Glass fibres have good thermal resistance, dimensional stability and tensile strength, dependent upon the formulation.

Vegetable fibres

Vegetable fibres are natural materials which offer the most economical sealing solution.

Metal wire

Metal wire braided packings provide high tensile strength to high temperatures plus good thermal and electrical conductivity. Generally used as a support in combination with other fibres.

Die-formed rings

A pre-compressed ring form in which various packing materials can be offered with controlled density and size.

Flexible graphite

Flexible graphite may be molded and compressed into die-formed rings which have a low coefficient of friction. It is chemically inert to all but oxidising media, with a wide pH range of 0 - 14.


Micaceous die-formed rings are produced from natural mineral material providing packing rings which have very high thermal stability.

Extruded packings

A homogenous mixture which is extruded to offer the desired cross section with a variety of densities and degrees of compressibility.

Injectable packings

Blends of various fibres with greases and other lubricants which are pressure-injected into the gland housing. The housing normally contains end-rings of conventional packing to retain the sealing compound.

Metal foil packings

Consist of a collection of metal foils with oils and dry lubricants which are twisted, folded and or wrapped, usually over a core of yarns. These form dense, strong packings which are deformable yet resilient.

Hybrid / combination sets

Special combinations of a variety of packings technologies to provide specific application performance.

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