Maintenance Services

Stoneleigh Engineering Services Limited was originally formed in 1987 as a Valve Overhaul and General Engineering Company.

We have a wealth of experience in overhauling every type of valve from most areas of Industrial and Marine installations.

All Valves are stripped to component form, cleaned by suitable methods, and inspected to ensure they are within manufacturers tolerance to be put back into service in the valve.

Flange faces are inspected for damage and machined if required. Seat and Disc faces are machined if required and then lapped to ensure a perfect seal. All packings and gaskets are replaced with material suitable for the application. Valves are then assembled, pressure tested and painted in accordance with our clients requirements.

We attach a metal tag, which identifies the valve with our records, and a Test Certificate is issued detailing the pressure the Valve was tested to and the Engineer responsible.

Please click HERE to view further information on typical valve testing routinues carried out at our Charlton Workshops

Safety/ Relief Valves

Safety Valves are a vital piece of equipment on any Industrial and Marine plant. These Valves should be Tested or Overhauled on an annual basis to ensure plant safety

Control Valves/ Reducing Valves

As the name suggests Control Valves are vital in controlling the pressure and temperature on the installation.

We would recommend these valves be overhauled on an annual basis to ensure efficient cost effective operation of any plant

Ball/ Butterfly/Globe/Gate/ Parallel Slide and Check Valves

These valves are the workhorses of modern day industrial and Marine plant. They ensure positive isolation for a variety of mediums and with regular overhaul they should give years of valuable trouble free service saving unexpected costly plant shutdowns.

On Site Maintenance and Installation Service

We offer a comprehensive on site Valve and Calorifier maintenance and installation service.

The onsite services has all the same procedures as operated by our workshop facility but with the convenience of carrying out the overhauls in situ.

In many cases we supply the new valves to our client and fit them in position allowing the site labour to concentrate on maintaining the efficient running of the plant.

We can strip Calorifiers for Insurance Inspection and make any repairs deemed necessary by the Inspector. We would then pressure test the Tube Bundle and Shell to required pressures before assembling the Calorifier for reintroduction into service

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