Knife Valves

Typical Pressure Rating:

General Description

The Knife Gate Valve is ideally suited to handle dry bulk solids in gravity flow, dilute phase, or vacuum conveying systems.

The Knife Gate Valve offers unrestricted conveying of material with no disk or ledges to impede flow or cause material bridging. The gate seat and live-loaded seals are shielded from blast abrasion by a metal insert, which provides a smooth bore through the valve improving performance and decreasing any pressure drop across the orifice.

Inherent in the design , the valve self cleans material from the seat on each stroke of the valve blade, improving overall seat life. The designed helps to eliminate problems, enabling increased production, while decreasing labour and equipment costs.

The knife gate is a uni-directional wafer valve designed for general industrial and commercial service applications. The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shutoff on suspended solids in the following industries:

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