Flanged Valve End Connections

We are able to offer a full range of Flanged Valve End Connections to meet most application requirements

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Imperial, Metric, or ANSI

Flanged Valve End Connections. Flanged-end valves are easy to install or remove from a pipeline, being bolted to the mating pipe flanges. To ensure a tight seal, a gasket is usually fitted between the machined facing of the flanges. The type of gasket, which can be non-metallic, metallic or a combination of both, depends upon service conditions and upon the type of flange facing employed. Bronze and iron valves are normally supplied with plain (flat) facings, and steel valves with plain (flat), raised or male facings, although female, tongue and groove, or ring-joint types are available. Flanged end valves are made in sizes from 15mm upwards.

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